TC Electronics has revealed version 2 of the Access Virus|PowerCore, a software synthesizer based on Access Music’s award-winning Virus Indigo running on PowerCore DSP processors via PCI or FireWire. Virus|PowerCore version 2 introduces new features as well as a large number of improvements in regards to performance and stability.

In order to meet users demands of a more bandwidth efficient version, TC Electronics are now including a new stereo version of the Virus. It requires significantly less bandwidth and proves especially useful for PowerCore users working with multiple instances of the plug-in.

Program change is now fully supported, and improves of the workflow for all users.

Version 2.0 addresses a number of instabilities in regards to timing, especially in regards to the arpeggiator, the LFO and any other component synced to clock. It also addresses issues found with certain host applications, such as reare cases of crackling, hanging notes and minor graphical issues.

The 2.0 upgrade is free for all Virus|PowerCore users and can be downloaded here.

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