MetaSynth 5 is a universal binary, multi-processor update of software pioneer Eric Wenger’s award-winning electronic music and sound design software for Mac OS that provides a wealth of new features as well as major performance improvements. It replaces MetaSynth Pro. The new software adds the ability to save sound at up to 32-bit floating point resolution which improves the already outstanding audio quality that has made it a favorite of Hollywood sound designers and cutting-edge music makers.

The MetaSynth engine underwent a massive overhaul, over a million lines of code were revised and tested during the four years since the release of U&I Software’s flagship MetaSynth 4, which won Electronic Musician’s 2006 Editor’s Choice award for Best Sound Design application.

Many new features and refinements were added. Below are just a few highlights:

  • Universal Binary and multi-processor enabled for much-improved performance.
  • Native support of .wav, .caf, .aiff and SoundDesigner audio files at resolutions up to 32-bit floating point and 96 kHz.
  • Instruments: MetaSynth‘s instrument framework has been expanded and features 11 new synthesis modes including Phase Distortion and Pulse Width Modulation synthesis as well as a host of new capabilities that includes envelope-controlled parameters and velocity-mapping.
  • The Image Synth gained 14 new Quart-based drawing tools. It now allows realtime swapping of instruments, tunings and samples during playback. Batch rendering added.
  • Effects Room: New convolution effect added. The new render to disk feature makes it possible to render arbitrarily long files using MetaSynth‘s celebrated Grain and Stretch effects.
  • Sample Editor: Improved handling of large files.
  • Montage Room: Up to 24 stereo tracks can be mixed. The recording interface and performance have been significantly improved. Several new track effects have been added. Communication with the VTrack video montage editor has been added to allow edit-to-picture when running both applications simultaneously. Improved management of montage resources.
  • Spectrum Synth: Pitch range selection. New Time and Pitch Blur commands.

Many other new features, refinements and improvements, including improved stability.

MetaSynth is a multi-faceted application that is used by composers, musicians and sound designers alike. It is a favorite tool of electronica composers, film composers and professional sound designers looking for unique sounds not possible with other synthesis tools. Its central role in the creation of The Matrix’s sound design is widely known as well as its role in the creation of Aphex Twin’s infamous Window Licker EP. U&I Software would love to drop more names, but MetaSynth is the secret weapon many pros use to create unique sounds and textures. The software is also used in the world’s leading electronic music laboratories. Suffice it to say, if you go to the movies, listen to electronic music, or watch TV, you have heard MetaSynth in action.

MetaSynth is not a synthesizer. It is a full-fledged electronic music and sound design laboratory. It provides six unique rooms each of which provides a unique take on music and sound sculpting. It features a sleek uncluttered user-interface that is engaging, serious, and hellaciously fun to use. It invites the user to explore and think outside the box to discover new sounds and textures.

The Effects Room provides standard and non-standard DSP effects with a unique envelope-oriented approach to parameter control. The Image Synth is considered by many to be the heart of MetaSynth. With infinitely customizable microtonality, the Image Synth allows you to paint sound. Color and luminance are translated to loudness and spatial orientation which allows for the creation of everything from lush spacious sounds to caustic tweeter-burners. The Image Filter Room applies a similar graphic approach to creating dynamic audio filters and EQ. The Spectrum Synth provides spectral granular synthesis that allows you to analyze and re-sequence a source sound’s harmonics. The Sequencer Room is a lightweight sequencing environment for creating phrases and patterns for montages and the Image Synth. The Montage Room is a 24-track mixing and recording room with a streamlined easy-to-use interface that ties all of MetaSynth‘s rooms together.

MetaSynth runs natively on any Mac running OS X 10.4 or later. It is fully-Leopard compatible.

MetaSynth 5 has a retail price of $599. Discounted upgrades are available to registered users.

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