Cytomic announces The Glue, a high quality analog modeled plug-in based on a cross between an E and G series SSL 4000 buss compressor with some additional features. It uses the same high quality algorithms found in circuit simulation packages, but they have been optimized for realtime use. The Glue is quick and easy to use and has an uncluttered interface.

Additions include an ultra-fast attack time of up to 0.01 ms and a range knob which backs off the compression to give incredibly natural sounding attacks and limits the maximum amount of compression applied. Also included are external sidechain support and an adjustable sidechain highpass filter.

  • Mastering Processing
  • Side-chain Processing
  • 4-in, 2-out Stereo Compressor (second stereo input for external side-chain processing)
  • Ultra-fast attack time of up to 0.01 mS
  • Range knob to naturally control the maximum compression applied
  • Peak Clip to optionally hard limit transients
  • DSP coded using C++ and assembler, Interface coded using the Juce framework (C++)
  • Serial number copy protection with generous license agreement

The trial version of The Glue has the following limitations:

  • Timeout after 14 days
  • No automation
  • No saving or copying of presets

The Glue comes in AU, VST 2.4, and RTAS flavors. The Mac version requires OS X 10.4 or 10.5, and a PowerPC CPU with Altivec or an Intel CPU with SSE2.

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