discoDSP has released Vertigo 2.0, the first version for the Mac platform. Vertigo is a 16-voice, 256-oscillator additive synthesizer with sample & image re-synthesis and sound morphing.

The Mac version of Vertigo imports both WAV audio and PNG images into two morph-able layers. The result is a very accurate recreation of complex musical phrases, drumloops, speech and simple tones. A variety of synthesis options, filters and effects are available.

Additive Synthesis (also called Fourier Synthesis) produces a new sound by adding together two or more audio signals, like adding sine waves in a harmonic series (e.g., 100 Hz, 200 Hz, 300 Hz, etc.). The Hammond B3 organ implemented additive synthesis by allowing the user to adjust “draw bars.” In practice, however, the approach can be extremely time-consuming since often hundreds of harmonics may be used to create a complex sound. Additive synthesis refers to a number of related synthesis techniques, all based on the idea that complex tones can be created by the summation, or addition, of simpler ones.

Vertigo is available for AU and VST hosts on Macs with Intel processors.

Vertigo can be purchased for $99 / €75 direct from discoDSP. A demo version is available for download. The full version includes 128 presets.

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