Ableton is very happy to announce Launchpad, a new dedicated controller for Ableton Live, co-developed by Novation and Ableton. Launchpad features a multicolor, 64-button grid for launching clips, as well as dedicated scene-launch buttons. Despite the big grid, Launchpad is compact and portable: it’ll fit in your bag for gigs and won’t hog your desk space in the studio.

Launchpad doesn’t just launch clips. In mixer mode the button grid offers a unique way to control Ableton Live’s mixer. Two fully customizable user modes transform the grid into a drum pad controller, a DJ effect controller or anything else you can think of. These user modes make Launchpad the ideal hardware counterpart for the upcoming Max for Live.

Launchpad is Automap-enabled, and if 64 buttons aren’t enough, you can link up to six units together.

Launchpad comes with a special Live 8 Launchpad Edition and 1GB of sound content. It will be on sale worldwide starting in November. Pricing is expected to be around $199 / €149 (VAT not included).

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