WaveMachine Labs is excited to announce the next major Drumagog release, Drumagog 5, representing more than two years of design and development.

One significant change is the completely new GUI, designed to show more critical information when you need it and to be easier to manipulate. Additional elements of the Drumagog toolbox have been sharpened, including the triggering engine, sample editing and management, and the sounds themselves.

WaveMachine Labs have also added brand new features, including one for Drumagog Platinum that will greatly simplify and improve how Drumagog works with virtual instruments; no more fiddling with MIDI conversions and routing.

  • Auto-Align 2.0 – A collaboration between WaveMachine Labs and Fraunhofer (inventors of the MP3 format) has resulted in a revolutionary new alignment algorithm. Simply the best triggering. Anywhere.
  • Direct Plugin Hosting – Play any virtual instrument from within Drumagog. Plugins like BFD2, Kontakt, and Superior Drummer are inserted directly into Drumagog to allow a virtually unlimited sample palette. (Platinum version only)
  • Redesigned graphic interface – Streamlined control and easier sample editing.
  • Support for multiple room samples – The Gog format now allows for different room sounds and mics. Simply dial in the amount of room desired.
  • Auto Hi-Hat Tracking – automatically detects the hi-hat pedal position (open/closed) in real time.

Drumagog 5 will be available in the first quarter of 2010. Pricing and final specifications were not yet announced.


Drumagog 4 is compatible with both G4/G5 macs, both PowerPC and Intel based, and supports all VST, AU and RTAS audio programs, including: Pro Tools (v6.3 and above), Cubase, Live, Nuendo, Digital Performer, Logic, Tracktion, and GarageBand.

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