Roger Linn Design recently announced the availability of AdrenaLinn Sync, a new software plug-in that provides the same unique beat-synced filter modulation and sequencing effects of their AdrenaLinn III guitar pedal.

AdrenaLinn III is not just another stomp box but rather an innovative professional tool for those who want to express their musical creativity through new and unique sounds. Although it accurately provides classic amp and effects sounds, AdrenaLinn III journeys into new and uncharted territory, providing a wide palette of unique and creative tools to transform ordinary guitar parts into something truly extraordinary.

AdrenaLinn Sync goes beyond, adding:

  • More Control than AdrenaLinn III — More parameters to fine-tune your filter modulation and filter sequencing effects.
  • More Randomness — Random sequence generation, random LFO amplitude, plus variable probability of randomly-generated notes or envelope firing.
  • More Swing — The timing of both programmed and random sequences can be set to half- or full-swing timing.
  • Noise source for Self-Generated Noise Beats — Use noise with the sequencer to create synthesized drumbeats, or to excite resonant filters into self-oscillation.
  • 2 Simultaneous Modulation Paths — Separately route LFO & Sequencer, or Sequencer Level & Sequencer Envelope, to simultaneously control filter frequency, volume and pan modualtion.
  • Full Stereo Signal Path — Maintain full stereo from input to output.
  • Self-generating sequences — Increase resonance to full for self-oscillating filter or flanger, then use the Sequencer for random or looped self-generating note sequences.
  • Musical Scale Constraints — Snap the LFO or Sequencer modulation signals chromatic, major, minor, pentatonic, blues, whole tone, diminished or seven other musical scales.
  • Tube-Modeled Distortion — A very warm and smooth distortion with pre-hipass and post-lowpass filters.
  • Stereo phaser — A rich, 4-stage stereo phaser.
  • 10 Second Stereo Delay with Ping Pong — Makes your beat-synced delays and delay loops more useful. Delay loops as long as 8 bars in length (up to 10 seconds).
  • Clean & Simple User Interface — Clearly shows signal flow and modulation routing.
  • 128 Great Presets — Includes all of AdrenaLinn III sequenced, random and modulation presets, plus some new self-generating pitched sequences and noise drumbeats.

To hear what it sounds like, check out the AdrenaLinn III demos of the sequenced, random and modulation effects. Note that some of these demos also include AdrenaLinn III’s sampled-sound drumbeats, which are not included in AdrenaLinn Sync. Roger Linn Design opted not to include AdrenaLinn III’s drumbeats, amp modeling, note-triggered filter modulation or reverb, figuring customers would have plenty of plug-ins to do those things.

AdrenaLinn Sync is based on Pluggo Runtime, which is compatible with VST, AU and RTAS hosts, and the plug-in is currently available only for Intel-based Macs running OS X, with a Windows version coming soon. Note that Cycling ’74, the company which makes Pluggo Runtime, recently announced the end of any future development of Pluggo.

A 14-day demo of AdrenaLinn Sync is available for download. You can purchase an unlock code online for $99, one quarter of the price of an AdrenaLinn III.

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