Marc Schonbrun is proud to announce the TrueFire edition of The Efficient Guitarist, now available in an interactive Mac/PC video course format with picture-in-picture, full-screen, slow motion, looping, keyboard shortcuts and other handy controls.

The Efficient Guitarist is not a beginner course any more than it is an advanced course of study. It is simply an entirely fresh approach to navigating the fretboard and applying harmony. This course has the potential to completely transform your rhythm playing, your soloing, and your skills as an improviser. It’s the perfect companion to all other TrueFire courses.

Marc Schonbrun graduated magna cum laude from the Crane School of Music. He is an active educator, writer, and performer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Marc’s musical resume ranges from classical guitar concertos to jazz trios to rock concerts. Marc’s a highly sought-after lecturer on guitar and music technology, and frequently tours the country educating both musicians and teachers.

Schonbrun exploits the visual qualities, shapes, and symmetries that are unique to the guitar. The Efficient Guitarist connects these visual qualities to the applied theory and harmony necessary for playing virtually any style of music.

The Efficient Guitarist is presented in two interactive PDF manuals with text, fret charts, chord and string diagrams, and buttons for calling up the video and audio elements as you progress through the course. This new edition of the best-selling The Efficient Guitarist has been rewritten especially for this course. The videos and audio materials bring this dynamic work to life and provide the personal touch you’d get sitting with this outstanding musician and educator.

Throughout the course, Schonbrun explains and demonstrates the concepts in simple, easy-to-digest chunks. Schonbrun demonstrates how to apply all of the concepts in a musical context by improvising over specially prepared practice rhythm tracks, which cover a wide variety of styles, keys and tempos. All of the tracks are included in the course.

The Efficient Guitarist TrueFire Edition is available as a Mac/PC DATA-DVD for $59, but is on sale right now for $49. The full course is also available online for TrueFire members.


We hear it makes a great gift.