Just in time for a new decade, Renoise gets an upgrade from executive suite to penthouse with a panoramic view. The Renoise Pattern Matrix, both a bird’s eye view and a song editor, is the missing link that pushes Renoise’s unique approach to music composition to the next level. It’s the perfect companion to the “eyes on the details” appearance and capabilities of the Pattern Editor.

Renoise is a complete music production environment for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. It features full ReWire support, FX and instrument VST/AU plug-in support, automatic plug-in delay compensation, multi-core load balancing, MIDI I/O, audio recording, flexible audio output, graphical & numerical parameter automation, modular parameter routing, and much more.

In Renoise 2.5 meta-devices (FX units that receive and transform parameters and other non-audio data) are now interconnectable across tracks. This opens the door to more modular approaches, like linking LFOs or key/audio signals all throughout your mix. Two new meta-devices round-up this “do anything” experience, giving the sound artist the freedom to connect and modulate all parameters with all others.

That’s just the beginning. Vastly improved MIDI mapping, automated rendering of plugin instruments to samples, a native guitar & bass amp simulator FX, performance optimizations, GUI improvements and much more…


Renoise 2.5 Sneak Preview (click to zoom)

Beta versions are exclusive to registered users. The first public 2.5 versions will be Release Candidates. The final version is expected to be released at the beginning of next year.

The price of Renoise will change from €49 to €59 when the final version is released – This price is for a multi-platform license. That means that a single license is valid for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. To ease the transition, everyone that buys Renoise 2.5 before the final version will get Renoise for the old price of €49. This covers upgrades up until and including version 3.5.

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