M Cubed Software has released Minim 2.0, the latest version of its audio management application for musicians and podcasters. The entire application has been redesigned from the ground up to provide the easiest and most enjoyable way for content creators to manage everything surrounding their creations.

Minim is aimed at people who create all things audio. When creating any song or podcast on a computer you need to keep track of various files, recordings and people collaborating with you on top of planning and writing your song or podcast. Minim brings all of these tasks under one roof, giving users a complete solution for managing their audio projects while at the same time getting out the way to let them focus on what is most important: creating.

Along with a completely new user interface and workflow, Minim 2.0 adds first class support for podcasts, an idea bin to quickly get ideas for projects out of your head, playback and one of the most pain free recording features on the Mac. There are also many other changes including:

  • Collect Songs and Podcasts into Albums and Shows
  • Plan out podcasts in advance and send copies to all participants
  • Keep track of what percentage of royalties collaborators on songs receive
  • See contact details for any collaborators in Minim thanks to Address Book integration
  • Vastly improved file management

Minim is available as a free trial download for Mac OS X 10.5.8 and higher. The trial limits you to adding just 10 songs, 10 podcasts, 2 albums and 2 shows. A single user licence is €25 (about $36) and can be purchased direct from M Cubed online. 5-user licences and educational discounts are also available.

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