AudioSpillage has unveiled DrumSpillage, a completely new drum synth plug-in for Mac OS X. Inspired by early analog and digital drum machines, but expanding massively on the original blueprint, DrumSpillage is equipped with a refreshing, unique and modern feature set designed for today’s electronic musicians and producers.

At the core of DrumSpillage lies a high resolution multi model synthesis architecture. Rather than create a complex “one size fits all” generic drum synth algorithm AudioSpillage created a rich variety of highly flexible algorithms (see full list below). Each model can be tweaked well beyond its standard settings allowing you to create unique, highly personalized kits that no one else has. DrumSpillage features 2 precision ADSR envelopes per pad with ultra fast attack times and smooth release tails. Full control over envelope attack and release shape is provided as well an exponential mapping mode for tighter, punchier and more natural sounding drums. An independent pitch envelope gives you fine control over pitch shape and contour – crucial for designing bass drums to meet your exact needs.

With so many editing parameters, you’ll need good modulation possibilities to add extra interest to your sounds. Each pad has two multi-waveform LFOs capable of being driven well into the audio frequency range. Two global LFOs are available to all pads simultaneously and can even modulate the standard LFOs creating complex non-repetitive modulation sources for unique effects. Each pad has its own independent distortion unit with a choice of 6 algorithms ranging from warm analog style clipping to full digital overload and decimation effects. Add subtle character to your sounds or reshape them completely. Each pad also has a multi-mode filter capable of low pass, high pass, band pass or band reject filtering modes with switchable 12 or 24db/octave cutoff slopes. The filter can be modulated via envelopes and LFOs, and the resonance can be set to self-oscillation.

No need to worry about DrumSpillage becoming old, dated and stale. The model-driven architecture allows AudioSpillage to upgrade DrumSpillage with additional models without affecting the existing GUI and plug-in performance.

Key Features

  • 13 exclusive drum synthesis algorithms (below)
  • 16 part multitimbral, 64 note polyphony
  • Pad based real-time control surface
  • Fast slider based GUI
  • Future proof model driven architecture
  • Flexible modulation options
  • Full MIDI key mapping and pad layering
  • Dynamic velocity accent control
  • Extensive editing capabilities
  • 9 mono/stereo outputs
  • High resolution 64-bit DSP engine

Full Model List

  • Bass Drum
  • Cymbal
  • Noise HiHat
  • Synth Clap
  • Membrane
  • FM Percussion
  • Wood Drum
  • Hand Bell
  • Claves
  • Electro Bass Drum
  • Electro Snare
  • Electro HiHat
  • Electro Cymbal

DrumSpillage requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher and an AudioUnit host.

Release date is set for 15th March 2010 but AudioSpillage is taking a very LIMITED number of advance orders now for a special discounted price of £75 / €89 / $119 which represents at least a 25% saving on the full retail price. You will receive your plug-in on or before the official release date.

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