After months of preparation, Twisted Tools is proudly announcing the birth of their sound mangling devices for electronic music production and sound design. Instead of handing out cigars, they are serving up 6 free Reaktor ensembles along with their first commercial product, Vortex.

Vortex is a six track polyphonic sampler and sequencer for Native Instruments Reaktor 5. It comes pre-configured for Kore 2 and Maschine and features an original 200+ MB sample map with samples by artists such as c2, Richard Devine, Josh Hinden, Noklip,, Mike Huckaby, Sonictwist, Tipper and Vinja.

Each sampler track has 4 modulation sequencer tracks labeled Gate, Roll, ModA and ModB. The modulation sequencers are color-coded and can be easily assigned to modulate any sampler parameter(s). There are also two cross-modulating LFOs which are also color-coded and assignable. Extensive cut/copy/paste/select/randomize functionality is available using an innovative Graphic Layer system.


  • Six Track Sequencer, 4 Sequencers Per Track
  • Six-Voice Polyphonic Granular Sampler
  • Color-Coded Modulation System
  • Two Cross Modulating LFOs
  • Extensive Randomization Features
  • MIDI Learn System with Controller Feedback
  • Alternate View Option
  • Multi-Out Support
  • Extensive Cut/Copy/Paste/Select/Randomize Functionality
  • Advanced ‘Graphic Layer’ Editing
  • Scene Sequencing (create arrangements within each preset)
  • Templates for Kore 2 and Maschine
  • Comes with all of the Twisted Tools ‘freebie’ plugins as part of the download

Vortex requires Native Instruments Reaktor 5.15 for Mac or PC. Native Instruments Kore 2 or Maschine are also required if using their respective included templates.

You can purchase Vortex via direct download from Twisted Tools for $29. The 6 free Reaktor ensembles can be downloaded separately from Vortex after registering on their web site.

Twisted Tools is the brainchild of Igor Shilov (Reaktor designer SonicTwist) and Josh Hinden (Director of MIDI, They aim to bring electronic musicians innovative and user friendly tools, with an emphasis on unique design and high quality sound. While their current emphasis is on developing instruments for the Native Instruments Reaktor platform, future development of Audio Unit and VST devices is planned.

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