DMG Audio is very pleased to announce EQuality, their debut EQ plug-in for AU and VST hosts. Developer Dave Gamble, with years of experience working for prestigious companies such as Focusrite, Sonalksis and Neyrinck, heads up this new venture which promises a unique style of EQ built from the ground up in both sound and workflow.

Some software EQs are models of hardware. Some are workhorse EQs for surgical correction, or for guiding a track into a mix. Some are for mastering. EQuality is not a model of a specific piece of hardware. It aims to be a great replacement for all your EQs.

From the bottom up, DMG Audio promises that EQuality sounds as good as an EQ can sound. The prototypes are as close to the consistent analogue shapes as can be achieved digitally, without spending extra CPU. When you want to spend extra CPU to close the deal, you can do that too. So far, not many people have reported finding occasions where the difference is perceptible. This is intentional, and apparently one of the secrets that make EQuality different.

From the top-down, EQuality is designed to allow you to make it work the way you prefer. At every stage, DMG Audio has sought out any idiosyncrasies in the design, and replaced them with solutions that make sense, and with options to allow you to have things the way you need them.

In the middle, there’s functionality and flexibility. A lot of it.

Sound features

  • New technology for generating EQ coefficients that gets you an undistorted, clear analogue-matched top-end
  • Linear phase processing
  • Analogue phase-matched processing
  • Bells and notches, with a +/-36dB range, and a Q range from 0.1 to 50
  • Shelves which let you move the resonance above or below the curve!
  • Filters at 6/12/18/24/30/36 db/octave, sweepable resonance
  • Extra hi-pass, so you can remove rumble on every channel without spending a band on it
  • M/S processing mode, allows you to process Mid, Side or the Stereo image
  • Adjustable gain-q interaction for ‘musical’ usage

Workflow features

  • Three different UI modes, to suit your taste
  • Range control, to allow you to scale the gain of the EQ response with one control, both positively and negatively
  • Frequency shift, to allow you to retune the response
  • Large, configurable spectrum-analyser with readout
  • Configurable VU, supporting K-metering and variable ballistics
  • 8 banks of A/B
  • Full preset management system
  • Undo/redo
  • Autolisten mode, for quick finding/adjustment of frequencies
  • Flat button on UI for rapid reset
  • Clip LED

On the Mac, EQuality requires OS X 10.4, 10.5 or 10.6 running on a G4, G5 or Intel Mac, and a host that supports AU, VST or VST3 plug-ins.

EQuality is available via direct download from DMG Audio for £74.99 (around $115 at publishing time). A free demo download is available as well.

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