Loomer has announced modular multi-effects plug-in Sequent, the perfect tool for mangling audio on stage or in the studio. The effects, including a flexible beat looper and a pair of filters capable of self oscillation, can be connected in practically limitless combinations by simply dragging virtual cables between them.

Sequent has seven individual effect blocks: a Beat Looper; two Filters, both switchable between lowpass, bandpass, and highpass modes and capable of self oscillation even without an audio input; an oversampled Distortion unit; a Gate with variable depth and slew; a Panner; and a Delay unit capable of sub millisecond delay times, great for creating everything for from dub, slapback, and bouncing ball style echoes, to metallic comb filters or flanger effects.

Each effect parameter can be sequenced with one of twenty-two step sequencers, controlled live via a midi controller, or even left to chance by using the random mode. Sequences are combined into patterns which can be switched instantly between using either the on-screen interface or the notes on a midi keyboard.

Hear Sequent in action

On the Mac, Sequent requires OS X 10.4 or later, a PowerPC or Intel processor at 1 GHz or faster, 512 MB RAM, and a host that supports AU, VST or RTAS plug-ins. Sequent can also run as a standalone application as necessary.

Sequent is available to purchase at the Loomer website for £49. An free evaluation version is also available for download.


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