Universal Audio recently announced the release of the EMT 140 Classic Plate Reverb plug-in for the UAD platform. The EMT 140 replicates the sonic signature of three uniquely different EMT 140 plates formerly installed at the Plant Studios in Sausalito, CA and is licensed and endorsed by EMT Studiotechnik GmbH as the world’s only authentic EMT plate reverb emulation.

“EMT is certainly excited to partner with Universal Audio; I am confident our endorsement of UA’s emulations of EMT’s well-loved classic audio processors will bring both companies great success,” said EMT’s President, Jules Limon. “It’s very inspiring to see a team like UA’s take such a keen interest in accurately recreating the devices of the past with their scientific approach to digital signal processing.”

The EMT 140 Classic Plate Reverb Powered Plug-In features include:

  • Highly prized, fully endorsed, smooth and natural EMT 140 Classic Plate Reverb emulations
  • Includes three distinct plate models – each with a unique sound and discrete mechanical damper controls
  • Includes original EMT 80 Hz input Shelving Filters or custom aftermarket Martech Low-Cut Filters
  • Pre Delay, Low & High Shelving Filters, Wet/Dry Mix, Balance and Width controls with Hard Bypass via the lighted EMT power icon
  • Also includes Modulation controls to add additional movement to the stereo field

“EMT’s impact on the way records are made is right up there with the Neumanns and Studers of the world,” commented Universal Audio President Matt Ward. “Their reverbs, both analog and digital, are still among the most prized and protected possessions a quality studio can have… So EMT’s endorsement of our Powered Plug-In is truly an honor.”

The EMT 140 Classic Plate Reverb plug-in is available for purchase via UA’s Online Store for $199. It is part of the new UAD Software v5.6.0 release, in addition to the Manley Massive Passive EQ, and the Precision Enhancer Hz plug-ins. UAD Software v5.6.0 is available as a FREE download to Mac and PC users worldwide.


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