Ohm Force today announced Ohm Studio, a standalone real-time collaborative music making application (DAW/sequencer) in addition to a web based collaboration platform and a music driven online “Cohmunity.” Ohm Studio will allow musicians to work with friends while sharing the same tools at the same time, as if they were together in the studio.

With Ohm Studio, it will be possible to set up a productive workspace to make music together and with ease. No more big file transfers, no more endless setup incompatibilities. Collaborators will be able to communicate with each other thanks to the built-in chat system which makes it simple to share any thought, instruction or comment.

When searching for partners, you will now be able to draw from a worldwide pool of musicians. The Ohm Studio Cohmunity will allow users to discover collaborative projects and find new people with whom to make music, searching by style, mood, skill, city, country and more. You may discover that the drummer or the singer you have always been looking for is only a few clicks away.

Ohm Studio will also be an elegant tool to showcase your own work and skills, in order to be discovered and/or be invited into groups or sessions. Could it be that you have just the right profile those Brazilian guys need for their funky nu-soul project?

For those who have a traditional “local” band/project, made up of people from the same town who actually enjoy meeting and playing together, Ohm Studio will be a great way of expanding workflow, as the creation process will no longer be limited by the 2 hours they’re actually able to share the same physical place. Those great ideas which always seem to manifest the second one gets back from the studio will not be lost anymore. And the work will continue, even if Peter’s garage is not available for the next few weeks.

The Cohmunity is the place where all Ohm Studio users will gather to find partners to make music with, view others profiles, create groups with others, share ideas on the forums or post projects mixdowns. Mixdowns can be posted on the group’s profile, as demos. In short, the Cohmunity will be a one stop place for collaborative work. It will be possible to access the Ohm Studio Cohmunity features from the application itself or from any web browser.

Pricing has not yet been announced. Ohm Studio should be available as beta testing wraps up by the end of 2010. You can request a spot in the limited beta via the link below.


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