Grammy Award winning recording engineer Tony David Cray, perhaps better known around here as OS X Audio founder TDC, is proud to announce the release of AudioToolkit for iPhone and iPod touch. AudioToolkit is an easy to use, compelling suite of tools for audio and music industry professionals, designed to fulfill Tony’s session requirements at the Sydney Opera House Recording Studios.

AudioToolkit includes:

  • Media: Calculate media size required for input recording format and track count
  • Tempo: Tap tempo, Ultra accurate metronome, with display of musical tempo names and user selectable bar length, and rhythm.
  • Pitch: Oscillator, Tuner, and Pitch Detection. Show pitch as Note on Stave, Hertz, Midi with definable reference “A” and cents meter.
  • Time: Calculate time delay in seconds, distance (based on temperature) and samples (based on Sample Rate).
  • Phase: Measure Phase of signal based on either generated click or pre-recorded audio file.
  • Additional tools are currently in development.

iPhone OS 3.0 or later is required. AudioToolkit performs audio analysis and thus requires the connection of an external microphone on iPod touch devices.

AudioToolkit is available via download from the Apple iTunes Store for $4.99.

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