New instrument software developer Twisted Tools have released Colorflex, a unique color-based zone matrix sequencer for Reaktor 5. It comes pre-configured for Kore 2 and Maschine and features a unique oneshots sample map with samples by artists such as Antonio Blanca, D’arcangelo, Richard Devine, Josh Hinden,, Sonictwist, Timonkey and Tipper.

Colorflex has three sequencers: MIDI Note Sequencer, MIDI CC Sequencer, and IC Send Sequencer. Each sequencer has 8 colored zones areas that you can think of as tracks. Using this analogy, there are 24 tracks in total (8×3), all of which can be used freely and simultaneously and routed out any channel. Extensive cut, copy, paste, select and randomize functionality is available using an innovative Graphic Layer system.

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Colorflex Features:

  • 256 cell color based zone matrix sequencing
  • Advanced “Graphic Layer” editing
  • 8 Track MIDI Note Sequencer 8 Track MIDI CC Sequencer
  • 8 Track IC Send Sequencer
  • 8 Freely Assignable output channels
  • Scene Sequencing + Scene MIDI Control
  • Works with any MIDI capable device
  • Works with Vortex 1.2 (now features external MIDI IN)
  • 3 x Cell Mode Layouts Extensive Cut/Copy/Paste/Select/Randomize Functionality Simplified Multi-Destination MIDI Learn System Documentation
  • Free Version Updates
  • Includes: Sampler, Synth, Mixer, Effects, Sampler Library for demo purposes, Kore and Maschine templates


  • Native Instruments Reaktor 5.15 for PC or MAC
  • Native Instruments Kore 2 (if using included Kore 2 template)
  • Native Instruments Maschine (if using included Maschine template)

Colorflex is available now for $29.00 as a direct download from Twisted Tools.

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