Sound Radix Auto-Align

New audio software developer Sound Radix has announced Auto-Align, an automatic microphone time alignment plug-in. Auto-Align “listens” to your multi-mic recordings, then automatically measures and compensates for the delay between the microphones. All with sample-accurate precision.

Time-aligning a multi-microphone setup is crucial to achieving a coherent and punchier sound. When recording an instrument with more than one mic, sound tends to reach each microphone at a slightly different time and thus causes some frequencies to cancel out, while other frequencies can build up unnaturally. When distant microphones are used and a delay is desired to preserve a sense of space, Auto-Align can time-place the microphones to better match the close-mic’d source.

Auto-Align is currently available as an Audio Unit plug-in, with VST & RTAS versions coming soon. It requires a PowerPC or Intel Mac, running OS X 10.5 or later.

Purchase Auto-Align directly from Sound Radix online for $149. A free trial version is also available for download.

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