accSone crusherX-Mac!

accSone has released crusherX-Mac! v1.50, a native Audio Unit and VST plug-in version of crusherX-Live! for Intel Macs. Its powerful realtime granular vapor synthesizer algorithm enables you to synthesize very complex sounds and cool surround waves. An overall multidimensional morphing system morphs the sound between parameter changes. This creates clouds of sweeping, shifting and graining sounds. The morph time can range from 1 millisecond to 1 hour.

The crusher-X algorithm is based on the traditional granular synthesis algorithm (Xenakis, Roads, Wilkins) invented in the early 1950s. In granular synthesis, short (e.g. 50 milliseconds) sound fragments, “the grains,” come from a fixed file buffer. The starting time, length and silence between the grains can be modulated. More than one grain at a time is possible, so you can create complex sound “clouds” from any sound signal.

A special feature is the floating sound buffer which allows real-time input and output. In this floating buffer the grains are created. You can apply many unusual parameters to the grains such as pitch, filter, pan, reverse, overdrive and limit – all within a simple, flexible interface. These granular parameters can be modulated by internal oscillator sources. A feedback loop inside the algorithm enables very complex and non-linear sound processing.


  • 120 presets
  • Stereo and 10-channel surround plug-in
  • Unique Physical Modeling Fader Editor
  • Free assignable AU/VST realtime parameters
  • Real time MIDI control
  • Quantization to host
  • Physical modelling X/Y controller.

crusherX-Mac! is available now in AU and VST plug-in formats, with 2 inputs and 2/10 outputs (stereo version 2 outputs, surround version 10 outputs) and around 120 presets. It requires Mac OS X 10.4 or higher, running on a 2 GHz Intel CPU or faster.

Purchase crusherX-Mac! directly from accSone online for €279. A special 20% discount is in effect until the end of September. A free trial version is also available.,en/

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