Steinberg WaveLab 7

Steinberg is proud to announce the release of WaveLab’s latest incarnation, WaveLab 7. Adding new facilities to its previous versions for Windows, the seventh version now also sets a benchmark for audio editing and mastering under Mac OS X. Its feature list includes the revamped graphical user interface which provides eminently convenient handling of audio material across multiple windows, montages and podcasts with an intelligent docking and scaling system. Brand-new VST3 plug-ins and restoration tools, the new, future-proof burning engine and its flexible multiprocessing capabilities are further highlights.

“By releasing WaveLab 7, Steinberg’s range of products now encompasses an A-to-Z solution on PC and Mac computers that offers industry-standard tools all the way from music creation, production and mixing right straight down to the final master,” comments Timo Wildenhain, Steinberg’s product marketing manager for WaveLab. “This milestone release reflects Steinberg’s commitment to cross-platform support, closing the circle to offer its current product range to both the Windows and Mac OS X platforms,” Wildenhain continues.

Re-engineered from top to bottom, WaveLab 7 introduces several novelties to its user interface which makes working with audio much more intuitive as well as expediting workflows in audio editing and mastering with a convenient, completely customizable window and toolbar management system. WaveLab 7 also includes a restoration tool package encompassing specialized DeNoiser, DeBuzzer and DeClicker plug-ins by leading plug-in manufacturer Sonnox plus 30 new VST3 plug-ins for further processing, expanding the depth of WaveLab’s vast range of functionality. DDP support and the entirely new CD and DVD-A burning engine are features that round out the functional additions to WaveLab 7.

Steinberg WaveLab 7

Steinberg WaveLab 7 (Click to zoom)

WaveLab is available in two editions: WaveLab 7, which is the first choice for professional mastering, editing and restoration, and WaveLab Elements 7, which is tailored to hobby musicians and podcasters.

Mac OS requirements:

  • Supported operating system: Mac OS X 10.6
  • Intel Core processor (Intel Core Duo recommended)
  • 1024 MB RAM
  • CoreAudio compatible audio hardware
  • Display resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels
  • 200 MB of free hard disk space
  • USB-eLicenser and USB component connector. (The USB-eLicenser is included in all retail versions of WaveLab 7. It is not required to run WaveLab Elements 7.)
  • CD/DVD-ROM drive required for installation
  • Internet connection required for license activation

WaveLab 7 is available as boxed version in the Steinberg Online Shop and from authorized Steinberg resellers for $499 / €599 / £497. The simpler WaveLab Elements 7 is available as boxed or download versions for $99 / €99 / £82. Shipping of WaveLab 7 and WaveLab Elements 7 boxed versions will begin shortly. Both can be pre-ordered now in the Steinberg Online Shop. WaveLab Elements 7 and updates from all WaveLab 6 derivates are also available as a download version.

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