Cableguys Curve synthesizer

Cableguys have released Curve, a unique new software synthesizer based on editable waveforms and preset sharing.

Creating sounds with Curve promises to be intuitive and immediate. The waveform editor provides unique possibilities for experimentation and detailed tweaking. Three powerful oscillators, three envelope generators, two filters and four LFOs work together in a sophisticated modulations matrix, all set out in a clear, uncomplicated user interface.

The other half of Curve exists outside the synthesizer. Curve’s preset library is a shared online database, populated with your presets and those from other Curve users. This ever-growing, community-driven sound library provides users with a constant source of inspirational sound, and the opportunity to share, tag and rate sounds quickly and easily across the web.

The Curve community can also steer the future development of the synthesizer, as bug reports and feature requests are completely public at all times. Cableguys believes this is an essential aspect of Curve, and they are excited about where users are going to take things.

On the Mac, Curve requires OS X 10.5 or later, a 2 GHz Intel CPU or faster, and a VST or AU compatible host DAW.

Curve is available directly from the Cableguys website for $159 / €119.

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