Sonic Charge MicroTonic 3

Sonic Charge µTonic version 3, the first major upgrade to the developer’s flagship drum machine in over five years, is now available. µTonic (pronounced “MicroTonic”) is a software plug-in instrument featuring a unique drum and percussion synthesizer combined with a pattern based drum-machine engine. Sporting over 20 new features and a brand new look, µTonic is as good as new again.

You can use µTonic as a sound module to play drum sounds from your MIDI keyboard or sequencer, or you can use the built-in pattern engine to play drum patterns in sync with your sequencer. The sound of µTonic is 100% synthetic and rendered in real-time. No samples or pre-rendered waveforms are used.

µTonic highlights

  • Eight channel drum and percussion synthesizer.
  • Pattern based drum-machine engine, synced to the host.
  • 100% synthetic sound, rendered in real-time. No samples!
  • Over-sampled oscillators and sample-accurate triggering.
  • Extremely low CPU utilization, less than 5% on any low-end system.
  • Easy to use interface with context menus, popup hints etc.
  • Plenty of creative editing options like morphing, smart alteration and randomization.
  • Comes bundled with loads of factory sounds and patterns.

Some of the new features in version 3

  • A morph slider allows you to interpolate all eight drum patches simultaneously between two end-points. You can edit the drum patches with the morph slider at any position and it will adjust the interpolation end-points accordingly. Morph is an automatable and MIDI controllable parameter, so it can be used both as a performance parameter as well as an editing feature.
  • Matrix editor window for viewing and editing the pattern steps of all eight drum channels simultaneously. (Bonus feature: you can drag channel labels to reorder the drum channels of the preset.)
  • A new “choke group” feature lets you assign two or more channels that should play mutually exclusively and cut each other off. Useful for closed and open hi-hats for example.
  • Support for MIDI Pitch Wheel for real-time pitch transposition with a range of up to 2 octaves.
  • Undo / redo.
  • New 3D-rendered skin. Sharper, brighter, sexier with 32-bit graphics.
  • More!

The Mac version requires OS X 10.4 or later running on a PowerPC G5 or Intel CPU, and a host application that supports VST 2.4 or Audio Unit 2 plug-ins. µTonic 3 is 100% backwards compatible with µTonic 2 and when you load your old projects, it will sound virtually identical.

µTonic is available as a direct download from Sonic Charge for $99. Version 3 introduces a new free trial system: Up to three weeks of trial with full functionality. After that µTonic will go silent until you register. Weeks will only be counted when you actually use µTonic.

Already own µTonic? Then you are in for a treat, because the upgrade is totally free for all registered customers.

Sonic Charge Bitspeek

As if this isn’t good enough news, Sonic Charge is also releasing a small voice effect plug-in called Bitspeek. Bitspeek recreates any audio you feed into it using pulse oscillators, white noise and linear prediction filters. Sounds strange? That’s the intent. See (and listen) for yourself. The price of Bitspeek is $29.

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