Redmatica GBSamplerManager

Redmatica has announced the release of GBSamplerManager (GBSM), a Mac application for managing, creating and editing instruments for the Sampler Instrument in GarageBand for iPad. Transfer your GarageBand songs from the iPad using iTunes, then drag the songs to GBSamplerManager to manage/edit their Sampler instruments or add new ones. Once you are satisfied, drag your song back to iTunes and transfer to the iPad.

Sampler instruments and samples can be copied between songs or to the desktop, where you can use them in Logic or GarageBand for Mac, or simply build a library. Similarly, you can copy your (EXS) sampler instruments from Logic and GarageBand for Mac to your GB iPad songs.

Creating new sounds and adding them to your GarageBand for iPad songs is very easy: Drag a sample to GBSamplerManager, and it will create a sampler instrument automatically for you. There are literally tens of thousands of commercial and freely available EXS24 sounds available on the internet; drum loops, vintage analog synths, everything. With GBSamplerManager you can easily use them in your GarageBand iPad projects.

If you want to migrate your hardware and software synth sounds to GarageBand iPad you can purchase the simple one-click AutoSampler application on your Mac to create your own sampled sound library (Autosampler application available separately from Redmatica).

Redmatica GBSamplerManager

Redmatica GBSamplerManager (click to zoom)

The Sampler instruments from GarageBand iPad are compatible with GarageBand for Mac and Logic. With GBSamplerManager you just have to select the instruments you want to take to the Mac and drag and drop them to your Mac. GBSamplerManager also includes a basic, intuitive editor for simple (one sample) instruments, so that you can edit them with the full comfort of your large Mac screen. Add loops, set crossfades, set crossfades shape, change the envelope, fine tune your sample in the simplest possible way.

For more complex instruments, GBSamplerManager integrates with Keymap Pro and Keymap One (both Redmatica products available separately) order to give you direct access to the most advanced sampled instruments editors available today anywhere. And if you just want to browse your sounds on your Mac, click a button, and GBSamplerManager will let you play your instruments from a MIDI controller attached to your Mac.

GBSamplerManager requires a Mac running OS X 10.6 or later with at least 2GB of RAM.

You can purchase GBSamplerManager now via the Redmatica Online Store for $4.99 / €3.99.

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