Sonimus - Satson Channel

Sonimus has released Satson, an AU/VST plug-in that emulates a console-based workflow, including metering, saturation, stereo crosstalk, and trim. Satson is designed to help you mix faster and better. The Satson plug-in features a carefully modeled and calibrated VU meter, high quality high-pass and low-pass filters, and analog console-like saturation (including stereo crosstalk).

Mixing with Satson: Powerful and Pleasant

  • Level your tracks for ideal headroom with Satson’s carefully calibrated VU Meters. Users can choose between two metering calibrations: VU 0VU = -18 dBfs or 0VU = -14 dBfs. Satson’s GAIN control acts as a trim, granting you further control over gain staging.
  • Satson’s High Quality Filters (both low and high pass) are tuned to sound sweet and pleasant to the ear.
  • Based on two high-end analog consoles, Satson’s Saturation adds sought after warmth and “glue” to your tracks and busses. Satson’s gain knob behaves like a real analog console: more gain equals more saturation. “Fat Off” (subtle distortion, high dynamic range) and “Fat On” (hotter signal, lower dynamic range) modes lend further sound-shaping options.
  • Satson Buss’ optional Stereo Crosstalk feature simplifies your task of creating a sense a depth and three-dimensionality in your mixes.

Sonimus - Satson Buss

Further Information

  • Saturation can be disabled when you want to use Satson for trim and metering purposes exclusively.
  • Satson can be used subtly or aggressively (to distort synths, and virtual or real instruments, for example).
  • Activate Satson Buss’ “LOUD” switch to add more “air” to your highs and “punch” to your lows.
  • With zero latency, no group delay, and careful optimization for low CPU consumption, Satson allows for a remarkably high number of multiple instances per session.
  • Internal 64-bit floating point double precision.
  • Hassle-free installation. No activation or serial. Each buyer receives a personalized copy for use in the studio, on the laptop, etc.

On the Mac, Satson requires OS X 10.5 or later, running on an Intel processor. Both the AU and VST versions are available in 32 and 64-bit flavors.

Satson is available for online purchase directly from Sonimus for $39.

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