AMG Beat Producer

AMG today announced the release of their Beat Producer loop editing and percussion plug-in for musicians, producers, DJs and rappers. Beat Producer offers a range of powerful loop editing features to the computer musician, allows access to AMG’s huge, award-winning libraries and brings together industry standard formats, including REX files, Apple Loops and ACIDized WAV files, in one affordable package.

Key features of Beat Producer include:

  • Imports Industry Standard Loop Formats — Access REX (.rex, .rx2), Apple Loops and ACIDized WAV files. Freely cross-fertilize groove DNA between loop formats. Switching sounds between grooves freely, extracting sounds or grooves and incorporating any samples within them or creating new beats using any of these resources from scratch. Complete flexibility.
  • Instant control of tempo and pitch — Loops automatically tempo sync with your host and pitch can be controlled independently of tempo in real-time.
  • Waveform Editor — Examine loop waveforms and edit slices individually within the loop’s groove using the additional groove- locked work track if desired. Reverse, mute, pan, mix and shuffle hits around freely within and between loops.
  • Step Editor — 32-part TR-Style step sequencer is available on each rack. Create beats in step time using sounds selected from loops or your sample library.
  • Real-time MIDI Control — Easily assignable MIDI control of most parameters for quick, easy real-time, interactive control.
  • 8 Racks available — Each instance of Beat Producer offers two stereo groove tracks and 32 step sequencer tracks in each of it’s 8 racks, making 272 tracks per instance.
  • Built-in Effects — Four 64-bit, fully editable audio effects processors, and three pages of synth processing per rack.
  • Loop Browser — Fully customizable browser with multiple library locations and user definable filters.
  • Huge High Quality Sample Libraries — Access AMG’s award-winning sample libraries and enjoy the featured offered by Beat Producer. Huge libraries at low prices and more scheduled for release.

Beat Producer uses AMG’s ONE engine previously described by MacUser as “the complete loop solution”, Sound On Sound said “for loop-heads everywhere, it is well worth checking out” and Future Music reported it “could be the creative and stable multi-timbral file player you’ve been looking for.”

AMG “have always been dedicated to producing inspiring sample libraries. Beat Producer not only provides an exciting range of tools in itself but also provides the perfect environment to host our sample libraries. Making more of our samples available to Beat Producer users and enhancing their use of them to previously unobtainable levels.”

On the Mac, Beat Producer requires OS X 10.4 or higher, a 1 GHz G4, G5 or Intel processor, and 1 GB of available RAM. It runs cross-platform as a stand-alone app, or as an Audio Units, VST or RTAS plug-in.

Beat Producer is available for instant download for just $49 with no library, or $99 with the 3500+ Loop Core Library. A downloadable demo version is also available.