IK Multimedia Black 76 compressor

IK Multimedia is proud to announce the release of two new T-RackS mixing plug-ins modeled on two of the world’s most renowned analog compressors: The Black 76 Limiting Amplifier and the White 2A Leveling Amplifier. These prestigious effects are available as single plug-ins for the most popular DAWs or can be integrated in the new T-RackS suite of mixing and mastering effects.

The Black 76 Limiting Amplifier is modeled after what is probably the most used, most known, most wanted, and most universally recognized compressor / limiter in the audio industry. There are probably no professionally created records without tracks using this unit. It’s a true legend and a piece of history. The engineers that made this FET based compressor reached a level of cleverness and magic that only true visionary geniuses can achieve. While there are many revisions of this hardware, we modeled the LN version, revision E, because it’s the one that has the most sonically recognized and wanted character thanks to its input transformer and class A output stage.

This compressor can be used on literally everything: drums, drum sub-mixes, vocals, bass, guitars, piano, choirs, brass, strings, etc. It adds its sonic footprint to the sound that for many reasons simply makes music sound better. Vocals, for example, will gain presence, consistency, clarity and punch in a way simply not obtainable with other units. Drums will gain power and density with total control over the level of “snap”, and guitars will get a magic midrange zone that makes them truly sing. The Black 76 is a must for mixing, but thanks to the perfectly stereo linked version we provide with MS option, it can also be effectively used for mastering if used with care!

IK Multimedia White 2A compressor

The White 2A Leveling Amplifier is based on a legendary vintage unit that is entirely tube-based. It’s a totally different device in terms of construction where all the compression magic happens inside an optically coupled element formed by a fluorescent panel and some photocells: the famed T4A element. There is no electronic circuitry involved with the compression itself. It’s just a tube amp with photo-resistors, lighted by a fluorescent panel driven by the output signal. At the time of this invention, there were not many ways of making an audio compressor: only variable-mu and optical. Optical was the simplest one, and if proper elements for both the light emitting panel and the photocells were matched, magic happened.

Originally intended for use in broadcasting, it immediately became a truly signature unit for music recording and mixing. It’s a must-have for both tracking and mixing vocals, but it’s also tremendously effective on electric bass, upright bass, piano, winds and many other tracks where you need a gentle compression with great warmth and consistency. This is one of the few units in the audio industry that nobody will allow to be substituted for anything else.

Two years in the making, these two units have challenged IK Multimedia’s superior modeling capabilities and pushed them to the extremes. These units have been modeled down to the finest detail in each of their stages, matching all the controls and their behavior, including the ultra-accurate VU-Meter response. Perfected with countless measurements and A-B listening sessions, IK has produced two of the most realistic emulations available in software so far. Other companies have attempted this with average results, but with the Black 76 and the White 2A, it doesn’t get better when it comes to classic analog-modeled plug-in compressors.

On the Mac, these plug-ins require OS X 10.5 or later, a 1.5 GHz Intel processor, and 1 GB of available RAM. Both the Black 76 and the White 2A are available as single T-RackS mixing plug-ins for all popular DAW platforms in RTAS, AU and VST formats. They can also be opened inside the T-RackS twelve slot serial-parallel processor chain, both in standalone and plug-in mode, taking advantage of T-RackS advanced routing, metering and preset capabilities.

The Black 76 and White 2A are $99.99 / €74.99 each and are immediately available as a download from the IK Multimedia online store or selected music retailers carrying T-RackS singles in Multibox format.


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