Soundiron has emerged from the burning embers of samplesmith Tonehammer Inc. to carry on the tradition–and continued support for many of the Tonehammer libraries. As part of the grand opening celebration, Soundiron is having a site-wide sale where all products are 15% off. This sale will be active from August 1 to August 10, 2011.

Soundiron is staffed by a number of ex-Tonehammer employees and is dedicated to producing equally stunning virtual instrument libraries. As a group of talented recording engineers, scripters and instrument programmers Soundiron is determined to follow a mantra of quality — deep-sampling, realism, playability, creativity and precision.

In addition to the sale, Soundiron is announcing the release of oft-requested major updates for 10 of its existing libraries. The libraries that are receiving “2.0” updates are: Requiem Light, Emotional Piano, Clack, Little Epic Percussion, Bamboo Stick Ensemble, Bizarre Sitar, Frendo, Bronze Bin, Lakeside Pipe Organ and Cylindrum. The updates for all the above libraries include much improved playability, mapping fixes and the introduction of a custom, automatable user interface. As a heart-filled thank you to all of its loyal customers, Soundiron is offering these updates to existing owners of the libraries free of charge!

Soundiron Requiem Light 2.0

Requiem Light 2.0 – The missed and mourned affordable epic choir is finally back and better than ever!

New Features:

  • Looping Marcatos with Release Samples derived from existing Requiem Light content.
  • Polyphonic Legato for Poly-Sustain patches (full choir and soloist).
  • Releases for Fast Poly-Sustains.
  • New master Sustains patch with complete range of vowel sounds to choose from and blend in real-time.
  • Collection of custom ambient and effect presets built on the Requiem Light Samples themselves.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed note placement in true legato patches (notes are no longer shifted an octave).
  • Improved the UI to be completely automatable by MIDI controllers and host sequencers.
  • Added a knob for Legato speed control as well as release sample volume controls.
  • Legato tweaks.
  • Playability fixes.
  • Various other fixes.

Soundiron Emotional Piano 2.0

Emotional Piano 2.0 – The much-loved soft, nuanced piano library also received a lot of TLC from the Soundiron crew. Version 2.0 features a brand new custom user interface and a wide range of special fx controls using Kontakt’s built-in effects. Key mapping and release sample volume has been carefully tuned and tweaked to make Emotional Piano more playable and realistic than ever before. The new version also includes a new, proprietary voice-capping technology that helps keep voice count under control and reduce the amount of noise build-up when an excessive amount of notes are left ringing.

These 10 updates are only the first of many to come as Soundiron strives to provide top-quality support for ALL of their libraries. They invite you to keep your eyes on their website in the coming weeks, as they announce new updates for more of their legacy items as well as information on some of the exciting new products they have planned.