DDMF 6144 EQ

DDMF has released 6144 EQ, a software plug-in version of the Neve Portico 5033 equalizer. With its special gain-Q-interaction, custom-made high and low shelf filters plus just the right amount of high harmonic generation, this new plug-in comes at just a fraction of the price of the hardware version.

The 6144 EQ is a close software remake of the original Neve hardware. As such, it has the same layout, consisting of a low and a high shelf filter, together with three peaking filter sections.

The center frequency of the filter sections can be tuned within a certain range each, and the gain can be set anywhere from -12 dB to +12 dB. Additionally, for the peaking filters, the Q value can be set (hence three knobs for each of these filters). Each of the peaking filters can be switched on and off with the (e.g.) “HMF In” LED by simply clicking on it. The shelving filters have a common on-off-LED on the right side of the user interface.

Finally, the whole EQ section can be bypassed with the LED “All Bypass”, still leaving a subtle “warming” effect though, just like in the hardware model. The input gain can be tuned with the red knob on the left side. All knobs can be reset by double-clicking and finetuned by holding down the Ctrl-button while tuning them.

On the Mac, the 6144 EQ requires an Intel processor and a compatible 32 or 64-bit VST or AU host application.

6144 EQ can be purchased now via direct download from DDMF for $29. A free trial version is also available for download.