Mellowmuse EQ3V

Mellowmuse Software has announced EQ3V, a flexible 7-band vintage equalizer plug-in. EQ3V offers 5 bands of fully parametric EQ, plus variable Q High Pass and Low Pass filters, and its own unique harmonic coloration using analogue modelled saturation.

All EQ3V equalization and saturation algorithms are oversampled, using 64-bit internal processing for superior clarity and resolution. Current values are clearly displayed for all parameters, each EQ section may be individually bypassed.


  • High Pass: 10hz – 400hz
  • Low Shelf: 30hz – 400hz
  • Low Mid Peaking: 200hz – 7.0k
  • Mid Peaking: 3.0k – 10.0k
  • High Mid Peaking: 8.0k – 14.0k
  • High Shelf: 8.0k – 16.0k
  • Low Pass: 8.0k – 20k
  • Bypass per band, phase invert and overall bypass switch
  • Analogue modeled saturation
  • 4x Oversampled
  • 64bit internal processing

On the Mac, EQ3V requires OS X 10.4 or later and a compatible 32-bit AU, VST or RTAS host application, or 64-bit AU or VST host.

EQ3V is available via direct download from Mellowmuse for $99. A free trial download is also available.