Re-Compose Liquid Notes

Re-Compose has released a major upgrade of Liquid Notes, the world’s first intelligent music composition assistant. The software will assist almost any individual with a basic knowledge of music in creating sophisticated chord progressions and melody lines, which are essential for making great music. With built-in synthesizers, access to a variety of music templates of different styles, improved auto-routing to sequencers, a quick start guide, and demo pieces combined with automated sequencer actions for an easy start, this is the best Liquid Notes yet.

Composing is complex and difficult to learn. “Music theory and harmony are complex matters. Whereas comparatively few musicians are experienced enough to make their productions sound great, thousands of others only get to producing pieces that miss that certain edge. There is little immediate help available to them to improve their skills for better results”, says Stefan M. Oertl, CEO of Re-Compose.

Many of the approximately 2.5 million buyers of sequencers annually (not to speak of the 3.5 million cracked versions in circulation), as well as millions of people jumping on producing music on the iPad and similar gadgets, are stuck with not being able to enhance their skills in composition beyond a basic level.

Liquid Notes gives you music theory. It integrates unique artificial intelligence algorithms that embrace harmony, chords, and melody. The resulting intelligence has been packed into an assistant that is integrated into the graphical user interface of the software and that guides the user through all stages of the composition process. Users may explore and develop their own creativity further, whereas the software makes sure the piece fits with more traditional Western listening habits.

With the help of Liquid Notes, you now can:

  1. analyze compositions in-depth and make changes to multi-track arrangements in real time without interfering with your musical handwriting and style,
  2. alter chord functions, substitute chords, add tension, and create more captivating or interesting chord progressions and cadences,
  3. enhance the “musical impact” of your compositions by variation, and
  4. improvise and play melody lines flawlessly to a piece, in the studio or live on-stage.

New features at a glance

  • A prominently located welcome screen offering all-around information to get the full picture about Liquid Notes (with access to an easy-to-read quick start guide, a variety of demo pieces, and automated sequencer actions).
  • Built-in synthesizers, including a sound database with high-quality instruments, for a much better sound experience and to work independently from any additional music software.
  • A larger, better assortment of music templates (prearranged sequences) of different styles for further use in larger compositions / productions. The list of templates will be extended continually.
  • Improved automatic routing for Cubase, Logic, and other sequencers, with little input required by the user.
  • An optimized installer for Windows to prevent troubles during installation.
  • Optimized routines and an enriched set of possibilities for the harmonic analysis and reharmonization.
  • Bug fixes and lots of other small improvements to increase the ease of use.

All of the above results in a significantly better user experience.

Liquid Notes is only the beginning. A major upgrade will bring the manipulation of the overall aspects of compositions and arrangements (e.g., for accompaniments, melody creation, song form, etc.) to Liquid Notes. It will incorporate further novel AI algorithms based on methods for the optimization of the listening experience, which will allow extensive real-time rearrangements of the original composition: computer games and fitness apps could be supplied with “dynamic soundtracks” (i.e., music in line with the players’ performance, or music that motivates athletes and keeps them perfectly in sync with their predefined workout goal). An iOS app for iPad is being discussed internally.

Liquid Notes is a new, original idea. It combines three important elements in one product:

  • AI algorithms replicating human perception for harmony analysis, reharmonization, and melody creation/improvisation.
  • An intuitive and simple graphical interface translating even complex harmonic structure into easily manageable building blocks.
  • Educational qualities to explore harmony and melody, and to extend one’s knowledge.

Liquid Notes was awarded the label “Insiders’ Tip” by Germany’s Beat magazine (issue 09.2012) where it was rated 5.5 out of 6 points in a test of new synth plug-ins.

On the Mac, Liquid Notes requires OS X 10.5 or higher and Java runtime environment or higher. Liquid Notes is a standalone application that connects to any sequencer (Cubase, Logic, Live, Pro Tools, etc.).

Liquid Notes is available via direct download from Re-Compose for a special introductory price of $149. A free 30-day trial is available.