Audiofile Engineering Triumph

Audiofile Engineering has officially released Triumph, a completely rewritten and redesigned update of their Wave Editor application with significantly improved arrangement and mastering features.

Triumph is much more than just a new version of Wave Editor, which is also the reason for the new name. “Our goal is to always be on the cutting edge of technology and interface design. We completely rewrote Wave Editor. We rethought everything, not only how to improve on what we built in Wave Editor, but how we could bring the concept of an audio editor forward”, says Matthew Foust, founder of Audiofile Engineering, “Triumph takes full advantage of all of the latest technologies Mac OS X has to offer.”

Triumph SmartEdits are intelligent audio objects and are an extremely flexible and powerful way to edit audio files. A SmartEdit, like a region, has a start and end time. However, SmartEdits have additional properties including fade in and out, fade length and shape, name, color, and much more. Triumph adds new improvements to SmartEdits including nudge, reverse, the ability to change the underlying asset, anti-click and numerous visual improvements.

Actions are brand new and unique to Triumph. Actions are AppleScript-based and infinitely customizable. You can use the incredibly powerful bundled Actions, create and customize your own Actions using AppleScript, and even share Actions with the community of Triumph users. No audio app has ever integrated AppleScript like Triumph. From an independent mastering engineer to an enterprise-scale broadcast production facility, Triumph’s unprecedented AppleScript support will benefit both simple and incredibly complex workflows.

Triumph gives you the ability to create multiple Workspaces within your project, all referencing the same underlying audio assets. Utilizing multiple Workspaces along with Layers helps keep your project and audio assets organized while letting you experiment and compare effects settings, edits and CD layouts.

The new FHX effect in Triumph solves a number of the issues often associated with listening to music on headphones. FHX creates a more spacious, natural sound stage over headphones – enabling an exceptional listening experience that will truly inspire and engage.

Triumph is the new standard for mastering and CD layout on the Mac. It fully supports Red Book CD burning and DDP (Disc Description Protocol) 2.0. In addition, iZotope’s industry-best 64-bit SRC and MBIT+ dither are included, making Triumph the most powerful and affordable mastering platform available today.

In addition to iZotope’s sample rate conversion and dither, Triumph now includes iZotope’s restoration and repair tools including Declick, Denoise, Declip and Dehum. Powered by iZotope, Triumph is the perfect tool for editing, sound design and mastering.

Triumph makes it easier than ever to share your audio creations with the world via SoundCloud. Triumph now adds integration with Dropbox as well as the ability to email audio files and analyses directly from the app. It’s easy to see that Triumph plays well with others!

Features and improvements in Triumph

  • Redesigned Meters inspired by the beautiful UI from the Spectre, Audiofile’s real-time analysis application
  • Auto Save & Versions – automatically save your projects with browse history
  • Multi-Touch Gestures
  • Full Apple Script Support for complex workflows, automation and interacting with other applications
  • Actions for a clean, uncluttered interface and intuitive workflow
  • Effects Groups – save a group of Effects including their settings for use on future projects
  • Effects Automation — new Shapes feature can automate the parameters of an effect
  • High performance scrubbing and innovative FHXâ„¢ headphone listening plug-in
  • Hardware Output & Channel Mapping for greatly improved system configuration
  • Full Support for iXML
  • Support for Retina displays
  • Analog Simulation

Triumph requires Mac OS X 10.7.0 or higher (10.7.5 recommended) and 50 MB of free hard disk space for installation. iCloud functionality requires OS X 10.8 and the Mac App Store version (currently pending).

Purchase Triumph now via direct download from Audiofile Engineering for $79.99. Through 16 November 2012, Triumph will be available at the special introductory discount price of $59.99. Users who purchased Wave Editor 1.5 on or after 1 May 2012 may request a license key for Triumph 2.0 at no charge.