Slate Pro Audio Raven MTi

Slate Pro Audio has unveiled Raven MTi, a more-affordable version of their state-of-the-art Raven MTX multitouch audio production system. Raven MTi is a multitouch DAW and software controller featuring the Raven Mixer, a powerful multitouch mixer that can control all major DAWs and a flexible and user-customizable, multifunction Toolbar.

At the heart of the Raven MTi is the most important thing of all: Your DAW, right at your fingertips. The Raven MTi is intended to be compatible with all major DAWs and features a 27”, 6-touch multitouch display, Integrated-Direct-Touch DAW controller software, in a sleek profile that will quickly become the centerpiece of any modern creative audio environment.

Communication between your computer and the Raven MTi is simple. The device is plug-and-play compatible and communicates with your computer using a standard DVI cable and a USB 2.0 connection. The Raven programming team developed the Raven Protocol that connects to your DAW instantly via the industry standard NeyFi protocol found in current versions of all major DAWs. Once set up, Raven MTi integrates with your DAW giving you instantaneous hands-on control of all your DAW’s parameters allowing you to actually touch the interface.

You can further enhance the experience by adding many workflow enhancements through  user-customizable controls. The multitouch feature allows for multiple hand gestures on essential mixing tools such as fader control, while editing is done with a direct single touch. You can even have hands-on control of your plug-in parameters. Manufacturers are in the process of developing high-end multitouch versions of your favorite plug-ins for Raven.

The Raven MTi’s 27-inch display has an HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, and is completely LED backlit so it consumes very little power and emits much less EMI (Electromagnetic Interference). The images are crystal clear and the brightness controls allow you to adjust the display to your desired result. Raven also becomes the main display for your computer allowing you all the touch control of your DAW, but if desired a second monitor can be used in addition to the Raven for even more flexibility.


  • State-of-the-art 27″ multitouch display
  • HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels
  • Completely LED backlit to consume less power and emits less EMI
  • Six-touch display allows various multitouch features like fader control and more
  • Instant integration with most major DAWs
  • Gives you hands-on control of all your DAW’s parameters
  • Acts as your computer’s main display
  • Flexible and user-customizable, multifunction Toolbar

Raven MTi is Mac OS X compatible only. Windows PC support is expected in a future release. It currently ships with Pro Tools 10 & 11 compatibility and will soon offer other DAWs, including Logic, Cubase/Nuendo, Live and more.

Pre-orders are being accepted for the Raven MTi at Musician’s Friend online now, for $2499. The anticipated shipping date is mid-October, 2013.