UVI Sparkverb

UVI is proud to announce availability of their first effects plug-in, Sparkverb, featuring a frequency-based spectrum editor for speedily sculpting and refining reverbs with breathtaking sound quality and remarkable CPU efficiency.

Under Sparkverb’s elegant exterior lies UVI’s powerful and extensively optimized Parametric FDN DSP engine. Sparkverb can be instanced near-limitlessly. The dramatic performance gives you unprecedented access to Sparkverb’s high-fidelity sound throughout your sessions. Use it on as many tracks and busses as you need without worrying about CPU overload.

A great deal of care was taken to allow a high degree of customization with the fewest controls possible, resulting in less time spent fidgeting and more time being productive. But you’ll also find numerous features that help to make Sparkverb indispensable, such as fully continuous parameters; freeze; multiple operation modes; variable densities; unique and decorrelated multi-channel operation; full automation control; advanced diffusion algorithms and tunable modulation for pitch accuracy regardless of scale.

Sparkverb shines in traditional mixing sessions but was designed to be an exceptionally flexible creative tool as well. Discover new spaces and explore the full range of sonic possibilities effortlessly with built in mutation and randomization controls. Add a generous helping of factory presets and you’ve got a versatile and powerful sonic tool suited for the most demanding studio environments.

Sparkverb is available to purchase in popular Mac OS X formats (AAX, AU, MAS, RTAS, VST) as a direct download for $199 or physical boxed product for $199 (plus $29 shipping) from UVI’s online Store.

The Sparkverb license can be freely stored on a computer or on an iLok USB smart key (not required). Users can conveniently switch between these two license protection modes at any time.