Juno Ju-X Gimmick

Juno Ju-X has released Gimmick, a new software synthesizer with a new synthesis method. Where synthesizers typically subtract detail from oscillators by filtering, or build up waveforms by adding harmonics, Gimmick generates sound by considering how many times to twist oscillator waveforms.

Gimmick lets you draw a waveform as you like, and it plays the waveform as it’s drawn. There are no pre-recorded samples or waveforms inside. It’s easy to let a pointing device draw something freely, however, most results of this will be non-musical noise. The Gimmick oscillator was invented to generate musical sounds by moving handle points, offering free expression within melodic constraints.

Frequency modulation is built into Gimmick, giving sounds a glittery, futuristic, and spacey edge. Typical FM synthesizers use sine waves, or something very close. You can draw your own waveform with the Gimmick oscillator, however, and you can use it as the FM synthesis carrier.

Gimmick’s modulator section is semi-modular, offering a freedom of connection choices. You can modulate any handle points fast or slow, vertically or horizontally, cyclical or random. As a result, Gimmick modulations evolve over time, never looping unless you so desire.

Gimmick runs stand-alone or as an AU instrument plug-in, requiring Mac OS X 10.6 or later, without or with host apps such as Ableton Live, Logic, GarageBand, and more. Gimmick standalone is SoundFlower compatible, for routing audio to other recording apps.

Buy and download Gimmick from Juno Ju-X for $20, an introductory first-week price.