Ohm Studio

Ohm Force has officially released Ohm Studio, a professional DAW built around online, cloud-based collaboration. Ohm Studio gives you instant access to a world of talented experts and amateurs for recording, arranging, producing, mixing, mastering and more, all from a single app with a gentle learning curve and pro-grade audio performance.

Being cross-platform and VST-compatible, Ohm Studio allows most people involved in music production to make music together. The software’s collaborative architecture is based on Flip, an innovative algorithm developed in-house that is far beyond today’s standards of collaborative technology. Every member of a project can perform actions on any element of the project with no risk of generating conflicts. Undos are particularly well managed even in the most complex situations.

If you work with a third-party instrument or insert an effect plug-in that only you in the project have, your partners will hear no sound from their outputs. However, all you need to do is quick bounce, which will render an audio file shared across all the members.

The slightest change in a project is uploaded to the server and synchronized across every member in real-time. At the same time, project data is also stored on your computer in a cache folder that you don’t need to backup, because Ohm Cloud does that for you. If your computer crashes or if you buy a new rig, just reinstall Ohm Studio, log in, enter your project and get everything in its latest state. You can also choose a snapshot taken manually or automatically to go back to an earlier version.

Ohm Studio user profile

Ohm Force is building a community of people online, a “cohmmunity” if you will, who can profess their expertise in any given field of audio production. You can browse people and projects using these tags, and choose to collaborate on any aspect of your own project, or jump into someone else’s project.

On the Mac, Ohm Studio requires OS X 10.5.8 or later, an Intel Processor, 2 GB of RAM or more, 1 GB of available hard drive space. A broadband Internet connection is recommended. Ohm Studio is compatible with VST audio plug-ins.

Ohm Studio is both an app and a service:

  • Ohm Studio (free) includes a basic production suite, free partner plug-ins (Hybrit amp sim from Lepou and Voxengo’s Old Skool Verb), exclusive UVI-made Ohm Studio multi-instrument (with 1.5 Gb of sounds), Frohmage filter and all of the Ohm Studio features with two exceptions: recording is limited to 16 bits and export to high quality compressed audio.
  • Ohm Studio Pro (€39 euro zone, ~$42 everywhere else) includes all of this, gets rid of the two limitations and also includes industry standards OhmBoyz delay and Minimonsta synth.
  • Ohm Studio Pro XXL (€99 euro zone, ~$107 everywhere else) includes everything from the pro version plus Ohmicide distortion, Quad Frohmage filterbank, Predatohm distortion, Hematohm frequency shifter, Ohmygod! comb filter, Mobilohm phaser and Oddity synth.

On the service side, users can choose to pay a monthly fee to take advantage of a comfortable project and asset storage space, or stay with the 10 free projects. Creating, joining, or being a member of a given project will all use 1 project credit.