Sound Quest Midi Quest 11

Sound Quest has released Midi Quest 11, a multi-instrument editor/librarian software capable of managing your studio’s MIDI instruments and other devices as a fully integrated system. Midi Quest supports over 700 instruments from over 50 different manufacturers and helps you to get the most from your studio’s MIDI hardware.

Why choose patches by number or from a name list that doesn’t match the contents of your hardware? Now you can use Midi Quest 11’s newly enhanced patch name export options to create Logic environment files and Reaper (.rea) bank name files. In addition, previously supported patch name formats have been enhanced with multi-mode patch name lists. This includes the midnam format used by Pro Tools, Performer, and Ardour, and the patchscript format used by Steinberg including Cubase, Nuendo, and Cubasis.

Unlike most panel editors, Midi Quest can retrieve and display all of the current values of all parameters. Of course, Midi Quest performs edits in real time so the instrument immediately reflects the changes made on screen. It also offers a range of both manual and automatic auditioning options. Unlimited undo lets you try variations and then select the best alternative.

Options unique to Midi Quest are some of the most interesting. Use your MIDI keyboard to set note-specific parameters. Use CC and NRPN messages to remote edit from your control surface. Have an iPad or iPhone? Use TouchOSC, Lemur, or any other application supporting OSC to control Midi Quest’s editors. Record and playback edits as VST and AU automation.

The new Midi Quest 11 release adds many new features to improve its integration into your studio including:

  • Context sensitive online access to over 160,000 patches you can use in your projects.
  • Enhanced remote editing options highlighted by iPad and MIDI hardware controllers.
  • New VST and AU plug-ins provide improved integration of MIDI hardware into your DAW and included support for Steinberg’s vstxml gives you the best automation editing feedback.
  • Fully integrated support for SysEx standard file formats .syx, and .mid, as well as Sound Diver’s library (.lib) files allow these file to be opened without a conversion process.

On the Mac, Midi Quest 11 requires OS X 10.5 or later, an Intel processor, any MIDI interface with current OS drivers and 100 MB of hard drive space.

Midi Quest 11 is available now via direct download from Sound Quest. MQ Essentials is $149, Midi Quest is $249, and Midi Quest Pro is $369. Abundant upgrade paths are available from as far back as Midi Quest 5, UniQuest, Solo Quest and MQ Jr.