Harrison Mixbus 2.5 - RSPE No Brainer Deal

Harrison is proud to announce the version 2.5 update for the Mixbus DAW. In addition to program improvements, Mixbus 2.5 includes three new plug-in demos from Harrison’s XTools for Mixbus plug-in series: the XT-EG Expander / Gate, the XT-DS De-Esser, and the innovative XT-VC Vocal Character plugin. Existing Mixbus customers will receive this update for FREE through the email address they have registered with Harrison.

Mixbus is the only DAW that is optimized for mixing. It loads third-party AU plug-ins and also uses Harrison’s suite of plug-ins that are derived from the company’s analog and digital console processing. Mixbus and the Harrison plugins provide rock-solid mixing DSP typically reserved for high-end audio installations. Harrison has been a leader in digital audio technology for nearly 30 years.

The XT-EG Expander / Gate provides fast gating or expansion with precision timing for demanding tracks. A helpful scrolling graph is provided to visually tune the gate’s timing. A switchable “Expander” mode provides soft expansion for vocals and dialog, while adjustable “Lookahead” allows the gate to open slightly before incoming transients for minimal distortion. The XT-EG has an intuitive layout that combines common gate features with professional elements such as adjustable hysteresis and a sidechain EQ. The XT-EG is the definitive gate plugin based on input from top mixers in Nashville, Hollywood, and around the world.

The XT-DS De-Esser provides fast and accurate De-Essing of sibilant tracks. It offers a rich set of redundant controls so mixers can adapt the plug-in to fit their workflow. An “Auto Solo” mode highlights the altered frequency range while adjustments being are made. Proprietary processing inside the XT-DS recognizes voiced sibilants, and doesn’t de-ess when it shouldn’t. This makes it more transparent and more effective than typical De-Esser plug-ins.

The XT-VC Vocal Character plug-in offers an innovative new way to adjust the character of your vocal recordings. It uses proprietary technology to track the pitch of the input signal, and EQ the signal based on the note played. This allows the plugin to target specific harmonics of an instrument and change the fundamental character in a way that is more natural than traditional equalization. The XT-VC will be included in a new bundle with the XT-BC Bass Character companion plugin. Existing XT-BC owners will receive this new plugin for free.

On the Mac, Mixbus 2.5 requires OS X 10.4.11 or later, including 10.9 (Mavericks), a PowerPC or Intel processor with 2 or more cores, 64-bit or 32-bit, a 3-button mouse with scrollwheel and 100 MB of available hard disk space. A full-size keyboard with number pad and a minimum of 2 GB RAM is recommended.

Licenses for the XT-EG, XT-DS, and other plugins are available through Harrison’s Direct Online Store.


To celebrate this new release, Harrison has teamed up with RSPE Audio Solutions to offer a “No-Brainer” Deal on Mixbus, at $19.95. This special price is nearly 90% off. The Harrison Mixbus “No-Brainer” price is available exclusively at the RSPE Audio Solutions website until 15 May 2014.