Klevgrand SquashIt

Klevgränd Production today released SquashIt, a unique multi-band distortion suitable for any kind of instrument or sound, due to its unique and adaptive algorithms. SquashIt is available for both Mac and iPad.

The developer isn’t saying much about specifics, instead allowing the sound and testimonials to speak for themselves.

“This plug is awesome on Mathildas vocals. It adds dirt but still sounds clean in a mysterious way which is perfect for electronica.” —Peter Sydén / Artymove

“A great sounding plugin with an interface that makes you creative. I love distortion. I love SquashIt even more” —Mathias Näslund / The Sweet Serenades

SquashIt makes what it says. It squashes intensity, drive and closeness out of anything. I use it for everything from kick to flute and can’t wait for more plugs from Klevgränd.” —Stefan Pettersson / Rougin Music Production

“I’ve tried SquashIt for a week now and all all I can say is wow! It works very well on bass, to make it cut through the mix and get some presence. It’s also perfect on that vocal track you want to make a little bit dirty. Over-all, an easy to go and intuitive interface. I´ll definitely keep it in my toolbox!” —Christian Ramefelt / So Right Production

SquashIt for iPad supports Inter App Audio (IAA) and can be connected to Garageband and other IAA compatible iOS applications. It is available on the App Store for $0.99.

SquashIt for Mac is an Audio Unit and works with any AU compatible host application like Garageband or Logic. The plug-in can be downloaded for free at the Klevgränd Production website.