HoRNet Sybilla Pro

HoRNet Plugins today released Sybilla Pro, a software multi filter de-esser. Sybilla Pro is everything Sybilla users know and love, with much more control if needed. Unlike other traditional de-essers, Sybilla Pro has 8 different tunable filters to effectively find the offending sibilance and feed the compressor that will reduce it.

Sybilla Pro is a wideband de-esser. The compressor stage is driven by the sum of the output of the active filters above the threshold. If the sibilance moves in frequency, Sybilla Pro can follow and never miss it.

The heart of the plug-in is the filters bank, where you can set the frequency and level of each filter individually. For fine tuning, you can listen to the output of the filter bank or each filter using the key listen buttons. Each filter can be turned on and off as well. When turned off, the filter is disabled and won’t be considered as a compressor sidechain.


  • Intelligent relative threshold
  • Eight filters for sibilance detection
  • Adjustable frequency and level for each filter
  • Switch to enable and disable each filter
  • Key listen for the entire filter bank and each filter
  • Metering for each filter
  • Instantaneous gain reduction meter with peak hold
  • Two different compression modes: VCA and OPTO
  • Attack and release control for the compressor stage
  • Dry/wet control

On the Mac, Sybilla Pro requires OS X 10.5 or later, an Intel processor and a compatible 32- or 64-bit AU, VST or RTAS host application.

Sybilla Pro is available now via direct download from HoRNet Plugins for €21.99 (currently ~$29.73).