Apple MainStage 3 - Auto Sampler

Alongside Logic Pro X 10.1, Apple has released MainStage 3.1. MainStage now includes the Auto Sampler plug-in, a quasi return of Redmatica’s venerable AutoSampler app that automagically plays and samples your favorite keyboards. Redmatica’s EXS24 instrument editing apps were discontinued when Apple acquired the company in 2013. MainStage 3.1 also includes some of the features found in the Logic Pro X 10.1 update, including the invaluable Plug-in Manager, the redesigned Compressor plug-in, wavetables in Retro Synth, and the expanded sample library with Mellotron instruments. MainStage 3.1 is available now for $29.99. Requires OS X 10.9.5 or later and a 64-bit processor.

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