UBK Sly-Fi Deflector, Axis, Kaya

UBK has released Deflector, Axis, and Kaya, three new effects plug-ins that emulate prime hardware. Instead of putting these out under the established Kush label, already known for its original plug-ins, the Sly Fi brand was created as a home to “darker, warmer emulations” of UBK’s favorite gear. First up on the roster is Deflector ($99), a compressor emulating the well-known Empirical Labs Distressor, which can be found in most well geared recording studios. A punchy, in-your-face sound is its claim to fame. Axis ($99) models both the API 550A and 550B EQs in one plug-in, adding new features like saturation, a special non-stepped mode on the dials, and an extra mid band on the “A” model. Kaya ($79) is a warm distortion. S. Husky Hoskulds made the original by taking an old Ampex tube tape deck and hardwiring the preamp directly to the tape head. He calls his unit ‘Pa’, a minimal box with swampy distortion and a very heavy bottom. Deflector, Axis, and Kaya are available now. They require an AU or VST plug-in host and an iLok 2. AAX is coming soon.