Harrison, Steinberg, and Yamaha logos

Yamaha and its wholly owned subsidiary Steinberg have announced a three-company strategic alliance with Harrison Audio to develop solutions for substantially improving the work flow in the sound for film industry.

Harrison specializes in the development, manufacture, and worldwide sales and marketing of large format digital film mixing consoles, digital routing and wide format monitoring systems, as well as custom software and hardware solutions dedicated to the sound for film industry.

Yamaha has been an industry leader since 1972 supplying a vast lineup of successful, innovative products spanning the entire professional audio spectrum, while Steinberg provides a strong reputation with feature rich DAW software integration solutions such as Nuendo, Cubase, and VST plug-in technology for the sound for film, television, broadcast, live performance, and music markets worldwide.

The complex nature of today’s immersive sound for film productions requires top-down, seamless compatibility between large format mixing theaters, smaller footprint mixing stages, and editorial suites. For this reason, smart and efficient work flow improvements are needed to provide advanced file compatibility, control compatibility, and automation compatibility between each area whereby streamlining the top-down facility work flow, while keeping the unique requirements of each area intact.

This three-company strategic alliance will combine the strong reputation of Harrison’s large format technologies and expertise, Yamaha’s wide range of new and exciting post-production hardware products, and Steinberg’s powerful array of advanced DAW and software products to provide fully integrated solutions for improving the productivity of the entire immersive film sound work flow.

“We are so excited about this opportunity with Harrison, a highly respected company with a long history in the film industry. Through this strategic alliance we will provide innovative solutions for our valued customers.”

–Hogan Osawa, Executive Officer of Yamaha Corporation

“We are elated to have Harrison with us. Their know-how will complement the fruitful cooperation between Yamaha and Steinberg for a sustainable future in a number of markets.”

–Andreas Stelling, Managing Director for Steinberg

“All of us at Harrison are extremely excited to be part of this exciting new alliance. To be able to partner with an industry giant such as Yamaha along with a highly respected company like Steinberg is a truly unique opportunity for Harrison. Together, we will combine a broad range of products and expertise to provide powerful solutions for our customers.”

–Gary Thielman, President of Harrison Audio


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