Monoplugs Monique

Monoplugs has released Monique, a monophonic, subtractive, software synthesizer with a focus on creating raw bass and lead sounds. Under the hood, this new synth sports 3 oscillators, 1 FM oscillator, 3 resonant filters, 7 Resonant band filters in an EQ bank, 3 LFOs, 20 envelopes, an arpeggiator with 16 steps & shuffle, and a custom morphing feature that gives users the capabilities of 8 different programs in one, perfect for real-time jamming and live performances. Built-in effects include distortion, chorus, delay, looping, and reverb. All in all, more than twenty filters work hard to generate Monique’s unique powerful bass.

Monoplugs Monique is available now for $99, with a special intro price of $79 that ends on April 18. It requires an AU or VST plugin host, or it can run stand-alone.