Sample Magic Stacker

Sample Magic has released Stacker, a powerful drum layering plugin that combines sampling, synthesis, and effects across multiple layers to create unique drum sounds. Each instance of Stacker is responsible for one section of your drum kit, be it a kick, snare, etc. Within the plugin, you have six faders across the top of a patch. The first three are samples, the fourth is a percussion synthesizer, fader five is a dedicated delay channel, and the sixth channel can load an impulse response (typically a reverb, but interesting alternatives abound). Each channel has level, mute, solo, and effects controls. Below this is a dedicated filtering row. The bottom section in Stacker is all about modulation, including custom envelope generators, tuning, width, and the ability to set velocity and key follow individually by channel, so the boom of a kick can pitch up and down your keyboard, but the click stays consistent. I’m personally digging the straightforward, simple-but-deep nature of Stacker, and may even start using it instead of Battery.

Sample Magic Stacker is available now for £79.99 (currently around $105), with a 25% off introductory price of £59.99. It requires macOS 10.7 or later and an AU, VST, or AAX plugin host.