Accusonus Regroover

Accusonus has released Regroover, an artificial-intelligence beat machine that attempts to “un-mix” loops into their constituent instruments for individual manipulation and mixing. Your entire library of loops can now be disassembled and used in new ways. Accusonus also encourages misuse of its new AI to come up with “previously unheard sounds.” Regroover itself is split into two versions: Regroover Essential will do everything mentioned above, and in the video below. Regroover Pro, due in November, will add the ability to create expansion kits of individual sounds, mapping them to 16 sample pads for quick access and performance.

Accusonus Regroover Essential is available now for $99, with an intro price of $79 until 10 October 2016. Regroover Pro will be released in November 2016. Pre-order Regroover Pro now for $149 and save 25% off the regular price of $199. You’ll get a full license of Regroover Essential to use until the release of Regroover Pro. Both versions require macOS 10.9 or later and an AU, VST, or AAX plugin host.