Cableguys TimeShaper

Cableguys has released TimeShaper, a plugin that shapes the flow of time to create everything from essential everyday FX to unique multi-band transformations. For multi-band stutter, reverse, scratch, tape-stop and glitch effects. Just like a DJ scratching vinyl, TimeShaper lets you grab hold of time, slowing down or accelerating your music. Simply draw the exact LFO shape you need – our unique curve-editing tools make it fast and easy.

Cableguys TimeShaper is available now for $44. It requires macOS 10.8 or later and an AU or VST plugin host. TimeShaper is also included in the Cableguys Bundle, which includes Curve 2, FilterShaper 3, FilterShaper Core, TimeShaper, VolumeShaper 5, PanShaper 2, WidthShaper, and MidiShaper for $179.