PRESS RELEASE — You may know Cycling ‘74 as the developers of Max, the visual programming language for music and multimedia, as well as the platform on which Max for Live devices and instruments are made. Ableton and Cycling ‘74 have been working together for a long time. In fact, back in the late ‘90s, some Max-based programming even served as proof of concept for what would become Live.

Now in 2017, the two companies have agreed to enter into a new partnership with Cycling ‘74 remaining a separate and independently run entity, wholly owned by Ableton. Ableton’s investment in Cycling ‘74’s unique product vision will see Max development continue indefinitely while creating an exciting opportunity to join forces in the spirit of shared research, exploration and innovation.

Gerhard Behles and David Zicarelli, CEOs of Ableton and Cycling ‘74, respectively, gave an interview at CDM that paints a fuller picture of how the acquisition came about and the two companies’ visions for the future.

For you, the customer, everything will remain the same: Live and Max for Live licenses will continue to be administered by Ableton. And if you own Max, you will continue to have a licensing agreement with Cycling ‘74 and be looked after for support, sales and everything else by exactly the same team at Cycling ‘74.