SKnote has released Disto-S, a natural evolution of their Disto plugin. While the original version was aimed to expand the concept, this one is a simple emulation of a Distressor by Empirical Labs. It’s straight-forward, super-fast, and very CPU-friendly. Disto-S now does auto-gain, matching output level to bypass level, and a “preset-to-clipboard” feature makes preset sharing easy and platform-independent. “UK” (British mode) and “Band” (midrange boost in the sidechain) tweaks allow deeper adjustments.

SKnote Disto-S is available now for $299 with special “AES” launch price of $49.99. Upgrading from Disto is free, just download “Disto” from your user area. It requires an AU, VST, or AAX (native or DSP) host.