Plugin Alliance and Unfiltered Audio have release Zip, a powerful, unconventional plugin that breaks the compressor/expander mold to solve difficult dynamics challenges and create unique effects. Zip’s six Analysis modes – Amplitude, Quietness, Brightness, Darkness, Noisiness, and Tonalness – attain deeper compression or expansion based on signal level, frequency content, or noise feeding its Input. Noisiness mode can, for example, be used to compress overdriven electric guitar chords while leaving cleaner-sounding phrases on the same track untouched. Zip’s four Envelope Styles – Classic, Goopy, Quick, and Extreme – modify the processor’s attack and release curves, tailoring them to the engineer’s specific needs. Of course, this is an Unfiltered Audio plugin, so there’s a deep automatable modulation system on top of everything.

Unfiltered Audio Zip is available now for $149 with an intro price of $99 through November 30. It requires macOS 10.8 and an AU, VST, or AAX plugin host.